Negative Effects of Working Night Shift

NightshiftThere are many negative effects of working night shifts. Some are physical while others might be more psychological. Coming from a family of night shifters, I know that there are more negative effects of working night shift than positive. The pay is usually better at night. But the toll it takes on yourself and your lifestyle might not always be worth it. So, in the following paragraphs, I will go through some of the negative effects that working night shift can have on yourself and your body.

One of the most negative effects of working night shift is the risk of cancer. When you work in an atmosphere that’s covered in artificial light, your body produces less melatonin than it should. Melatonin is an essential cancer-fighting hormone. Without the sufficient quantities of it, your body is more at risk of getting cancer.

Another negative effect of working night shift is sleeping issues. In the beginning, your body has to readjust to sleeping in the daytime and staying awake at night. Many people either experience insomnia, fatigue, or both. Once you get adjusted, it’s hard to go back. You can’t sleep in the daytime and are up all night. This is by far one of the most frustrating negative effects of working night shift.

Not being able to socialize or interact with your loved ones is definitely a negative effect of working night shift. Sometimes people overlook it because they think they can squeeze it in here and there. Or that their loved one will understand. When you mix in sleeping patterns, fatigue, and even irritability, it becomes much harder than people think. I’ve personally seen friendships, relationships, and marriages become damaged, and even ruined, due to the negative effects of working night shift.

One issue that people might have is depression. When you start to combine all the negative effects of working night shift, for an extended period of time, it all starts to come crashing down. You’re up all night. Your sleep patterns are unstable (unless you’re already accustomed to a regular sleeping schedule). You’re not socializing like you used to. Everyone’s up while you’re sleeping (and vice versa). Relationships begin to strain. Unhealthy eating habits start to catch up. Sooner or later, you wake up and just miss seeing a good old fashion ray of sunlight.

But at time same time, many important jobs wouldn’t be able to run without those who worked these tough hours. Police officers, hospital staff, truckers, and various stocking crews go through these issues all the time. Before you make this decision, make sure to weigh out the facts and see if the negative effects of working night shift are acceptable for you.